Cat Ladies Calendar: A Purrfect Blend of Catloving and Photography
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Cat Ladies Calendar: A Purrfect Blend of Catloving and Photography

Why Calendars Still Matter

It’s October, and companies are already gearing up with their promotional materials for 2024. Calendars, those relics of paper and ink, are still a thing, believe it or not. In our digital age, who would’ve thought? But let me take you back to a time when calendars were not just pages hanging on a wall but a lifeline for a cat rescue organization.

The Backstory: A Furry Fundraiser

Back in 2013, my friends and I were in a bit of a pickle. We needed to raise funds to pay off veterinary bills for our cat rescue. The pressure was on; we wanted to start the new year with a clean slate. So, what did we do? We decided to create a “Cat Ladies” calendar. After all, I’m a photographer, so that’s one of the ways I can best help and since I have a background in graphic design, it was ideal to combine the two.

The Concept: Lavish Ladies and Camera-Shy Cats

The idea was simple yet ambitious: gather all the cat ladies at our house, dress them up lavishly, and let the camera do the magic. Oh, and let’s not forget the real stars of the show – the Cats Magazine cats. Easy peasy, right? Wrong.

The Photoshoot Fiasco: When Cats Play Diva

The day of the photoshoot arrived, and let’s just say the cats were not feeling it. Even my Pierre, usually the friendliest of the bunch, was not eager to strut her stuff. So, what did we do? We took a food siesta, of course!

After some well-deserved relaxation (and maybe a catnip treat or two), the atmosphere began to lighten. Slowly but surely, the cats started to cooperate, and the photoshoot was back on track. Sure, I was a bit stressed, but hey, someone had to be the responsible adult in the room.

The Final Cut: Choosing the Fabulous Twelve

Once the photoshoot was done, the real work began. We had to sift through the photos and choose the best 12 for the calendar. After some meticulous editing, we were ready for the next step: printing.

Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, we found the perfect print service. A few weeks later, the 2014 “Cat Ladies” calendar was out, and we breathed a collective sigh of relief. Phew!

The Outcome: A New Year, A Clean Slate

The calendar was a hit, and we managed to raise enough funds to pay off our veterinary bills. It was a stressful yet rewarding experience, and it proved that with a little creativity and a lot of patience, anything is possible.

So, the next time you dismiss calendars as outdated or irrelevant, think again. They can be so much more than just pages on a wall. In our case, they were a canvas for creativity, a platform for philanthropy, and most importantly, a lifeline for our furry friends. And who knows, maybe the “Cat Ladies” calendar will make a comeback for 2024. Keep your paws crossed!

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