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About Us: The Humans Behind Cats-Magazine.com

Who We Are: Two Humans, Three Cats, and a Whole Lotta Love

Hello, fellow feline aficionados! We’re the dynamic duo behind Cats-Magazine.com, and we’re currently sharing our lives with three amazing cats. But hold onto your scratching posts – once upon a time, we lived with a whopping 14 cats all at once! Talk about a full house (and heart).

Our Mission: More Than Just a Magazine

We’re not just here to entertain; we’re on a mission. We’ve lent our paws to SOS Cat rescue, and we’re committed to continuing our support. From spaying and neutering to caring for strays, we’re all about making the world a better place for our feline friends.

Our Passion: Capturing Cats Through the Lens

As passionate photographers, we find cats to be the purr-fect subjects. Whether they’re lounging in the sun or performing acrobatic leaps, our cameras are always ready to capture their feline finesse.

Our Expertise: From Whiskers to Tails

With years of experience under our belts, we’re your go-to source for everything cat-related. From understanding the intricacies of cat food to decoding mysterious cat behavior, we’ve got you covered. Unfortunately, we’ve also had our fair share of dealing with cat diseases, but it’s made us even more committed to sharing valuable insights with you.

Our Locale: From the Heart of Belgium

Currently, we’re based in beautiful Belgium, where our cats enjoy the finest European cuisine (read: kibble) and scenic window views. But no matter where we are, our hearts are always in the cat community.

Join Us on This Purr-spective Journey

So, whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or a curious kitten in the world of feline care, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey. Together, let’s make every day Caturday!